Are You Tired of High Interest Rates and Short Term Loans?
With United Country – Land Finance, low rates and long terms are the norm.

Have you just found the perfect piece of land to buy? Our conventional agricultural real estate loans and finance needs (farm, ranch, timberland and other income producing land) for land over 50 acres offers amortizations up to 25 years, and are a great choice for all types of ag real estate. So, whether you’re purchasing, looking to refinance or are interested in adding on a Line of Credit, United Country Real Estate | Land Finance is the right choice.

When it’s time to plant more crops, expand your ranching operations or purchase timberland, increase your citrus groves acreage, purchase livestock or buy the land of your dreams, United Country – Land Finance can help you get the most from your land finance loan. Contact us today for land finance needs for your land over 50 acres!

Agricultural Land Loans and Financing

  • Farmland
  • Ranchland
  • Timberland
  • Investment Land (Income Producing)

* If your land is under 50 acres please contact your local lenders for assistance.


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